Stand out in the energy ecosystem

Partner with EnPowered, and you will attract and close new customers—as your revenue grows.

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Making it easier to sell your products

Provide more opportunities to save, and empower your customers to take control over their energy costs.

Provide on-bill repayment.

Put energy savings and charges together on the electricity bill.

Expand your market reach.

Differentiate your offering for customers and reach a broader audience.

Gain seamless funding access.

Benefit from our lender partnerships to speed up your sales process.

Unlock stalled deals.

Allow customers to pay as they save, with no up-front cost.

Stand out from competitors.

Attract and retain more customers by providing more opportunities to save.

Maximize asset value.

Empower your clients to get the most savings from their energy assets.

Join us.

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Funding access is the largest barrier for customers.

Your customers want to become more energy efficient, but are held back by budget. Providing innovative funding and saving options will help you close more deals.

Two ways to save. One efficient solution.

Customers who use EnPowered Payments and Programs in tandem get more value in return for their asset purchases. That leads to a higher return on investment than your competitors can offer.

Why EnPowered?

Find out how EnPowered can help your solutions stand out from your competition.

What markets and utilities does EnPowered support?

EnPowered Payments is supported by most major utilities in the following markets: Ontario, New York, Texas, and Ohio. EnPowered works with over 40 utilities, and continues to expand its partnerships. Please get in touch with us to inquire about a specific utility.

What types of projects can I put on-bill?

Any project that is energy-related can be added to the bill with your customer’s consent. This could include hardware (HVAC, IoT, battery, lighting, etc.), software (energy management system, etc.), or a service (consulting, utility bill audit, etc.).

How much additional savings could my customers get?

Leveraging Programs, your customers could save up to 70 percent in annual electricity costs. Using EnPowered Payments to purchase new energy assets, such as yours, will ensure they receive the maximum benefit from Programs.

The exact savings will vary from market to market, but in Ontario, you can receive over $375,000 per MW, per year. For more details about the potential savings for your customers, contact the EnPowered team.