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Reduce churn and be solution-focused.

Electricity prices are on the rise, and the energy industry is evolving. Your customers need an energy provider that can partner with them to solve their broad energy challenges.

Enable energy projects.

Remove financial barriers stopping your customer from starting their energy projects.

Get valuable referrals.

Get access to new leads through our network of partners and customers.

Expand your addressable market.

Offering on-bill payments will differentiate your supply offering, providing more value.

Mitigate hedging risk.

Know when your customers are reducing their energy usage and adjust accordingly.

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Join the Accelerator Partner Program, and benefit from our connections as your total addressable market grows.

Get your customers excited about retail energy.

Retail energy customers are always looking for a better price, and show little reluctance to switch providers. With EnPowered, you will keep your audience engaged by solving financial barriers blocking their energy efficiency projects.

Complement your core offering.

Energy markets are complex, and opportunities to expand your market and customer base are limited. Providing an innovative on-bill repayment option will expand your market to customers looking for more services from their retail energy provider.

Common questions about Payments from retail energy providers.

Learn more about how EnPowered will ensure your sales team is ready to use Payments, so you can win and keep competitive retail energy contracts.

What type of energy projects can Payments support for my customers?

EnPowered supports clean energy projects launched by large energy consumers, typically commercial and industrial, and in sectors including agricultural, mining, public, hospitals, and education. 

The types of projects supported must include an asset that is improving energy efficiency or generating/storing energy, including lighting, building automation and management systems, generators, solar, battery installations, HVAC systems, heat pumps, boilers, chillers, smart sensors, etc.  

Energy projects can be expensive. How do you actually address financial barriers?

We work with a network of reputable lenders that fund energy projects, and our platform facilitates the approval process. We offer a variety of financial structures to suit the asset type and project size, including leases, loans, power purchase agreements, energy service agreements, and more.

The monthly repayment amount can usually be sized to be less than the savings the energy project creates, so the customer is effectively generating net savings from their energy project from day one.  

With a number of these lending types, it is possible to offer a project to customers for no cost upfront, and which flows on their balance sheet as an operating expense and not a capital expense. This allows customers to avoid capital barriers entirely while capturing savings today.

What if my customer wants to start an energy project, and wants to know which vendor to use?

EnPowered partners with many energy solution providers that we can connect customers with to obtain quotes and deliver their energy projects. We just need to know the project location and what type of hardware/service the customer is interested in, or we can work with a partner of their choice.