Meet Our Leaders

Our leadership team is made up of techies, innovators, and energy experts who bring decades of industry experience to the table. Together, they lead EnPowered to accelerate the clean energy transition.

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Tomas van Stee

CEO & Founder
Building EnPowered into a market leader through a passion for innovation.

As an entrepreneur, Tomas leads EnPowered through two of the most heavily-regulated markets in the world—energy and finance.

Originally bootstrapping the company over five years, his understanding of complex energy markets has enabled EnPowered to become a market leader and secure hundreds of partnerships with leading energy companies.

In his spare time, Tomas enjoys trail running in the Rocky Mountains, spending time on his family’s farm, and getting too close to wild moose and elk.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a literal train. Now, I’m full steam ahead, driving the energy transition.”

Mike Kirkup

Innovating EnPowered’s technology design and development.

Since October 2020, Mike has led EnPowered’s product organization, including development, design, data science, and product management.

With over 20 years of experience, he has a history of building and scaling products in the tech industry. Mike is a prominent figure in the Waterloo technology ecosystem through numerous contributions  and currently acts as a growth coach to Communitech and an advisor to Canada’s Tech Network. In his spare time, he mentors and advocates for tech startups.

Mike built his expertise in roles such as:

  • CTO, Encircle
  • Director, Velocity
  • Senior Director, Global Developer Relations, Research in Motion
“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a train engineer. Now, I keep EnPowered’s innovation locomotive on track.”

Ted Leonard

Vice President, Market Operations
Demystifying the energy sector and guiding EnPowered to new heights.

Ted joined EnPowered in September 2021, and his industry insights have been invaluable as the company expands into new markets.

Having worked for system operators and energy companies, enhanced by his financial background, Ted has holistic knowledge of the energy space. This wide-ranging expertise helps him empower companies to navigate market challenges and opportunities.

Ted’s decades of experience in the public and private sectors includes:

  • CFO & COO, Rodan Energy Solutions
  • CFO & COO, NRStor Inc.
  • Vice-President, Markets & CFO, IESO
“Growing up I wanted to be a pro hockey player. Now I help our customers deke out high energy prices.”

Adedayo Omitayo

Vice President of Development
Crafting technology and people systems to support growth strategy.

Adedayo has mentored developers and overseen the processes that scale and deliver EnPowered’s technology since February 2020.

Adedayo is passionate about the convergence of people and technology—leading agile teams and creating innovative solutions that scale. Drawing on almost two decades as a software engineer, he leverages his technical and managerial experience to energize EnPowered’s growth.

Adedayo’s past experience includes positions as:

  • CEO, Flowswift
  • Principal Software Engineer, Flowswift
  • Lead Software Developer, GalaxyBackBone
  • Software Engineer,
“When I was a kid I wanted to be an engineer. You might say I engineered my ideal career path.”

Patrice Belmonte

Director, Marketing & Communications
Shaping EnPowered’s story and sharing its vision.

Since August 2021, Patrice has been at the forefront of crafting EnPowered’s brand identity and promoting our vision for the future of the energy sector.

Patrice brings 25 years of experience in the tech space, both in marketing and at the leadership level. This gives her unique insight into how to build a compelling marketing strategy for a growing digital business in a rapidly evolving sector.

Patrice’s extensive marketing experience includes roles as:

  • Vice-President, Marketing, MindBridge
  • Strategic Programs Manager, Genetec
  • Communications-Marketing Manager, EXFO Europe
“As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Now I help EnPowered reach for the stars.”

Corey Bonkowski, CPA

Director, Finance
Expanding EnPowered’s finance partner network.

Since November 2021, Corey has led the construction of EnPowered’s finance partner network, supporting our market expansion.

With over a decade of experience in the finance sector, Corey brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing high growth technology companies to EnPowered. He continually refines our financial relationships—helping us enter new markets with confidence.

Corey has honed his financial skills in roles such as:

  • Director of Financial Operations at Q4
  • Financial controller at Mpire Network Inc.
  • Manager, Accounting & Assurance at BDO
“As a kid I wanted to manage an NHL franchise. Now I manage our financial players and goals.”

Bridget Bray

Director, Strategic Partnerships
Developing and executing EnPowered’s business expansion strategy.

Since April 2020, Bridget has applied her skills at EnPowered, working with businesses to overcome big challenges to access smart technology assets.

With 15 years of sector experience, Bridget has a nuanced understanding of the energy industry landscape, including its barriers and opportunities. This enables her to collaborate with businesses effectively, helping them implement solutions that drive sustainable revenue growth.

Bridget built her expertise in roles such as:

  • Manager, Digital Solutions Business, Mondo
  • Business Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Klugo
  • General Manager, Business Development, Skilltech/UASG
“As a child, I wanted to be a journalist. Now, I help executives report on the sustainable financial growth of their business.”

Dee Falkiner

Director, People & Culture
Building a winning culture that attracts top talent to EnPowered.

Since September, 2021, Dee has helped EnPowered accelerate its growth by finding top talent and building a culture that makes people stay. During her 20-plus years of work, she has fine-tuned her skills in coaching, training and development, human capital management, talent sourcing, and succession planning. 

Dee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Western University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in HR Management from Sheridan College. Dee is happiest when she is with her family and outdoors, and is an avid volunteer and cheerleader for small-town life.

Dee built her expertise in roles such as:

  • Director, People & Culture, Encircle
  • VP, Human Resources & Training, InvestorCOM
  • HR Business Partner, Blackberry
“As a child, I wanted to be a teacher. Today, I educate business leaders on how to create and maintain a sticky culture for top talent.”

Rod Foster

Director, Business Development
Building partner-lender connections to deliver value to clients.

Rod joined EnPowered in October 2022 to help the company scale its Payments solution.

Having led a number of technology start-ups and scale-ups, Rod is stimulated by working with various stakeholders to provide value for all. He also led the transition of a UK publicly-traded firm in the energy sector into the North and South American marketplaces.

Rod’s decades of experience in the private sector includes:

  • CEO at various software-as-a-service companies, including Minimize Energy and Covarity.
  • Head of Sales, Channels, Product Management, Ironside Technologies.
  • Growth coach for over 100 start-ups.
“Growing up, I wanted to be a ski bum and tackle the gnarliest terrain. Now I help colleagues grow and win, so we can all celebrate après ski. ”
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