Making energy cost savings easy

We’re a diverse team committed to helping businesses unlock their energy savings to accelerate the acquisition of clean energy hardware solutions – the fastest way to reach sustainability goals without sacrificing revenue.

Let’s accelerate energy efficiency & clean energy adoption everywhere

We launched EnPowered to increase the number of clean energy and energy efficiency solutions around the world. Using technology and expertise to solve complex problems in financing and acquisition, we help any organizations pay for energy solutions with future savings and no up-front cost.

Net savings from day one

Our platform and services provide you with rapid access to hidden savings, financing, and innovative repayment options to jump start your journey towards a greener, cash flow positive future.

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Our Platform


We help navigate complex financing mechanisms to achieve positive cash flow, realize savings faster, and better meet energy-efficiency goals.

Funder network

Our extensive network of clean energy lenders and financial institutions offers diverse options to unlock your project’s financing.

Peak predictions

We help recover utility costs through AI-driven peak prediction, unlocking up to 70% in hidden savings.

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Why we exist

Fundamentally, climate change is real, and the world is moving too slowly to address this problem. If we are to have any hope of avoiding the worst effects of climate change, the energy industry needs to significantly increase the rate of cleantech adoption and innovation.

We are in it together

No one company can solve this problem. It will take thousands of innovative companies working together to completely revolutionize the energy industry in the coming decades. Today, while there are thousands of innovative companies, they are all struggling to understand how to work in this complex industry.

EnPowered exists to support their journeys toward sustainability.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is made up of techies, innovators, and energy experts who bring decades of industry experience to the table. Together, they lead EnPowered to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Led by Tomas Van Stee, our team has over 30 employees across North America.

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