Peak predictions

Harness the power of AI to reduce electricity costs

The peak prediction platform of choice for large businesses: EnPowered helps you recover utility costs with AI-driven notifications and real-time API signals to reduce management overhead and unlock up to 70% in hidden savings – over $170M saved to date.

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Highly accurate curtailment, no human required

Custom notifications

Tailored updates to any user based on their preferences and company-wide response criteria – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing energy costs.

Best-in-class peak calls

Accurate and timely peak calls—based on extensive data inputs and game theory—to curtail more effectively.

Flexible API

Integrate into existing facility systems to automate curtailment and save money effortlessly.

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How it works

The EnPowered platform uses AI and game theory to accurately predict how the market will respond during peak events and minimize false positives. Through its real-time notifications system, you get clear guidance to respond effectively.

Get it right every time

EnPowered’s Price Signal API enables you to automatically optimize curtailment and minimize equipment downtime with absolute confidence. Our peak prediction models are so good, you never have to think about making calls again.

Supported geographies

The EnPowered platform and services continue to grow. Our peak prediction service is now available in Ontario, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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