Flexible financing for clean energy & energy efficiency projects

EnPowered’s financing options help accelerate the acquisition of clean energy hardware and services. Through our large network of supporting funders, we help you navigate complex mechanisms to realize savings faster and better meet your energy-efficiency goals.

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Choose the best solution for you


Flexible financing with repayments structured around project cash flows. Loans are a form of debt, incur lower costs, and project performance risk sits with the customer.


Flexible financing with repayments structured around project cash flows. Leases can be a form of debt or an operating expense, with lower costs and most project performance risk sitting with the customer.


Contracts where the customer pays only for the electricity produced by the project. PPAs are not debt and the customer takes very little performance risk.


Ideal for large efficiency projects, these are contracts where the customer pays only a portion of the savings earned from the project. ESAs are not debt and the customer incurs less performance risk depending on the structure.

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How it works

EnPowered works with you to determine the right financing solution across a portfolio of funders to balance cost and project performance risk through acquisition, installation, operations, and maintenance.

How it helps

You don’t need to be an expert to get your energy-saving project financed. EnPowered combines our clean energy project expertise with a large and diverse portfolio of funders to ensure you get the best financial solution to move projects forward with minimal risk.

Supported projects

EnPowered accelerates energy efficiency and clean energy projects with a value of $25,000 or more.

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