Energy retailers

Unlock new revenue by helping your customers acquire clean energy & energy efficiency solutions

Your customers are looking for guidance to buy clean energy and energy efficiency solutions. With our network of over 35 funders and 350 contractors, EnPowered enables you and your brokers to provide this guidance by offering an on-bill solution.

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Increase deals & reduce customer churn

Stand out in the market

Through on-bill repayment features and access to clean energy contractors and funders, you can differentiate yourself in the market and offer new packages to retain customers.

Reduce vendor headaches

We manage the contractors and funders for you, meaning you spend less time worrying about them and more time serving your customers.

Motivate your brokers

EnPowered expands your reach into the multi-billion dollar climate tech hardware market, giving your brokers more tools to tap into more revenue streams.

Grow your market value now

Let’s talk about accelerating your business development through new features and services fit for your customers and broker network.

Our network wants to work with you

Our contractors and funders work on a variety of energy efficiency and clean energy projects, giving you the flexibility to develop perfect-fit packages for your brokers and customers.

Implement on-bill solutions with no hassles

In combination with our network of clean energy contractors and funders, we design, deploy, and manage on-bill repayments to significantly increase the project adoption rates of your customers – meaning more revenue for you and your brokers.

Reduce customer churn

By offering on-bill repayments and connecting your customers with contractors and funders, you can develop new products and services that motivate customers to stick with you.

Energy Retailer FAQs

What types of clean energy projects can you support?

EnPowered supports clean energy projects launched by large energy consumers, typically commercial and industrial, and in sectors including agricultural, mining, public, hospitals, and education. The types of projects supported must include an asset that is improving energy efficiency or generating/storing energy, including LED lighting, building automation and management systems, solar, battery installations, HVAC systems, etc.

How do you finance the projects?

We finance projects by leveraging our extensive network of reputable funders dedicated to supporting clean energy initiatives. We offer a diverse range of financial structures tailored to the specific asset type and project size. This includes options such as leases, loans, power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy service agreements (ESAs), and other innovative financing mechanisms. Our goal is to provide flexible financing solutions that align with the requirements of each clean energy project, ensuring successful implementation and long-term sustainability.

How large is your clean energy contractor network?

Our contractor network is extensive, consisting of over 350 contractors. This vast network allows us to effectively connect customers with experienced professionals who can provide quotes and deliver energy efficiency or clean energy projects. To initiate the process, we simply require the project location and details regarding the specific type of hardware or service the customer is interested in. Alternatively, if a customer already has a preferred contractor in mind, we can seamlessly collaborate with them as well. Our aim is to ensure that customers have access to a wide range of qualified contractors, enabling them to choose the best fit for their project needs.