How EnPowered helps Spenergy grow their business

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Working together with partners to create win-win outcomes is one of the best parts of our work.

EnPowered is rightly proud of our partner ecosystem and we wanted to showcase how, by working together, we can generate more business for our partners and create added value for their customers at the same time.

EnPowered sat down recently with Gib Wood, President and CEO of Spenergy Certified Solutions to talk about how EnPowered helps the company increase customer numbers and convince them to seriously consider the potential of energy saving measures and technologies.

Spenergy is an integrator in the energy management space that works with companies with facilities that are 50,000 square feet or larger. Spenergy works with customers to find opportunities to meter and monitor assets in order to reduce energy use and increase efficiencies.

According to Wood, the company is riding the wave of Industry 4.0 and the growth in IIoT adoption. Spenergy is a one-stop-shop for IIoT solutions, and the company’s focus on automation and IIoT sensors is an ideal fit for EnPowered’s data and API offerings.

Specifically, Spenergy offers full turn-key solutions from energy audit to installation, and is integrating EnPowered into its full portfolio. “[EnPowered] offers another solution that creates probably one of the highest returns on investment and paybacks,” explains Wood.

“[…] In my twenty-plus years, this is probably one of the best fits from a strategic alliance perspective that I’ve been involved in to date.” – Gib Wood

Wood notes that EnPowered acts as a major lead-in on offerings, as customers, when faced with the complexity of energy management, inevitably ask ‘where are the savings?’ and ‘show me the money.’

At the end of the day, whether a company chooses to implement certain energy solutions comes down to a CFO signing off on a project, and EnPowered helps Spenegy provide customers with clear savings information.

Global Adjustment (GA) costs comprise the majority of energy bills in Ontario, so being able to say to potential customers that they could axe the entirety of those costs goes a long way in convincing them to sign.

GA is also one of the few line items that a finance department has no insight into (i.e. what costs are going to be month to month), which makes budgeting that much harder. “Who doesn’t want to chop off 70% of their energy bill – it’s a win-win arrangement,” says Wood.

For example, Spenergy went into one meeting with a customer to talk about working with one of their facilities, and ended up leaving the meeting with triple the business, having added two more facilities to the deal. Working with EnPowered has enabled Spenergy to present customers with clear savings answers, which in turn encourages companies to implement wider ranging changes.

One of Spenergy’s manufacturing customers was initially hesitant to adopt any practices that could interrupt business operations, but EnPowered’s savings audit and Spenergy’s HVAC automation convinced them to shut off all HVAC operations and all production lines for one-hour shutdowns automatically orchestrated via EnPowered’s API.

Spenergy’s automation and EnPowered’s API take the human factor out of the equation and take the pressure off of management to hit all Peak events.

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