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When the EnPowered team set out to create a free version of our Peak Prediction services, we wanted to make sure there were no strings attached.

This article takes a peek at our Free Peak Prediction’s Service. We look at why you shouldn’t necessarily be paying an energy consultant to manage you businesses global adjustment charges and how our free tool can ease the stress of participating in the Industrial Conservation Initiative.

We all know the saying; “there’s no such thing as a free lunch!” More often than not, there ends up being a catch when something seems too good to be true. This can be seen as businesses now commonly use free versions of their products to get customers signed up for their software, apps, and streaming platforms.

After a smooth onboarding experience, the customer is then bombarded with things like in-app purchases and creeping subscription fees that show up credit card bills without the customer realizing. This degrades the whole experience and often deters the user from continuing to use the product.

How can EnPowered Offer a Free Product?

The IESO or system operator of Ontario offers a free Peak Tracker that helps Class A customers monitor the top 5 Peak demand hours in the Province. The website displays hourly forecasted demand each day along with a weekly forecast showing potential Peak demand over the coming 7 days.

It’s the IESO’s responsibility too ratepayers to provide this type of data and make it accessible so they can plan and respond accordingly to possible Peak events. It’s a useful tool, but the website can be difficult to navigate and easily overwhelm uneducated users causing them to refrain from participating in the ICI program at all.

EnPowered’s free version pulls the IESO’s Peak Tracker data into a user friendly energy portal that makes the stressful experience of predicting Peaks a whole lot easier. The portal displays the IESO’s demand forecasts along with 5-minute real time electricity demand in Ontario. Combine this with email notifications and text messages warning of potential Peaks and the tool ends up providing a ton of value.

Introducing EnPowered’s Free Peak Tracker Service

Another perk is the offering of a free sub meter that can be installed in parallel with a customer’s LDC meter. The sub meter uploads real time data directly to the portal showing the facilities usage alongside the IESO’s Peak predictions. This ensures that if a Peak event is called, the customer can easily check that they are reducing their facilities electricity use to the best of their ability and effectively reduce their global adjustments costs.

Be careful what you pay for!

After talking to many Class A customers in the province, we were commonly hearing that energy consultants were charging their customers for the IESO’s publicly available Peak data. Businesses were under the impression that they are receiving proprietary predictions, helping them avoid the annual top 5 peak demand hours with the fewest number of load shifting calls.

When the EnPowered team set out to create a free version of our Peak Prediction services, we wanted to make sure there were no strings attached. This was to be free forever, no exceptions.

However, with over 20+ notifications a summer, it was quite evident that there wasn’t anything revolutionary about the models consultants were using, and they were most likely just forwarding the IESO’s data.

EnPowered’s free portal is a happy median between having to pay a consultant to watch the IESO’s Peak Tracker and taking on the task of understanding the tool yourself. Class A customers shouldn’t be forced to pay for data that is rightfully theirs as a ratepayer to access.

EnPowered simply brings everything together into a better package that makes it easier to understand without having a full blown energy management team in house.

Looking for fewer calls?

EnPowered does have a paid version of our Peak Predictions which uses the same portal with our proprietary forecasts shown alongside the IESO’s. Our models are able to cut the 20+ notifications from the IESO down to 7 while successfully hitting all 5 peak demand hours.

Bottom line, the free portal is a great place to start predicting Peaks in the province and significantly reducing your companies GA costs. If shutdowns are causing problems for your business, look into our Premium predictions, otherwise, our free version is a great place to start. Click the link below to create your free account.

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