Invest in our planet this Earth Day

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This planet has gone – 0 – days without a climate emergency.


  • Businesses need to create the right conditions to accelerate the adoption of clean technology.
  • The results are in: sustainable businesses are profitable businesses.
  • We have the tools to fight climate change, but we need to improve funding access for cleantech projects.

Earth Day started as a way to spur action in a world largely devoid of climate regulations. Over 50 years later, Earth Day’s message of sustainability is reaching a broader audience, but the climate crisis it highlights persists.

Climate change is real and is getting worse, and we all need to do more to limit warming to 1.5 Celsius. Fortunately, there are many innovators building clean technology solutions. The problem right now is not a lack of technology, but a lack of legislation and funding.

Legislation always trails innovation, but with the clock ticking on climate change, businesses and the planet can’t wait.

Robust private sector innovation tends to spur government action. The clean technology industry needs to be proactive and accelerate the adoption of cleantech. Once technologies are in place, the public sector will move quickly and decisively.

For example, after alternative aerosol and refrigerants were developed, the world swiftly addressed the growing ozone hole . What was once an impending ecological tragedy is now well on its way to recovery. We can do the same with emissions in general.

This is why you should be optimistic about the fight against climate change.

Clean technology innovation played a central role in reversing ozone depletion. And as says,“we already know that private sector investment in innovation accelerates the kind of rapid change we need, like nothing else.” This is why the official theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in Our Planet.

It is vital that companies rapidly adopt clean technology if we want to tackle climate change. And sustainability must be a core value of any business taking meaningful action to reduce emissions.

We need faster cleantech adoption

Embracing sustainability makes ecological and economic sense. The benefits of sustainability are well documented; they include reduced climate risk exposure, increased ability to attract (and retain) customers and employees, market expansion, and profit growth.

The challenge is not convincing companies to invest in clean technology solutions — lower energy bills and emissions speak for themselves. The biggest hurdle is funding the clean technology transition.

“Smart companies are discovering that […] sustainability is the path to prosperity.” —

On one hand, we have an ecosystem of clean energy solutions available. On the other, there are trillions of dollars worth of funding. We need to do a better job of connecting financial assets to technological assets.

The key to channeling these funds and unlocking the backlog of clean technology projects is slashing risk and reticence. Companies looking to invest currently shoulder all the risk, making them hesitant to commit their capital.

Worries about return-on-investment (ROI), planning timelines, and a crowded solutions marketplace stall projects and raise the cost of waiting. Businesses need to be empowered to pursue their clean technology goals with minimal risk and no upfront costs.

EnPowered helps businesses invest in our planet

Fulfilling your Earth Day commitments means having access to the right tools. Lowering emissions and energy costs go hand-in-hand, and EnPowered Payments helps you do both.

Payments is an on-bill payments platform that enables energy users to purchase clean technology solutions with no upfront costs. Customers are able to start saving right away, while paying for their chosen solution through their electricity bill with a portion of their energy savings.

Once the solution has been paid off, customers enjoy 100 percent of their savings and an even lower bill. Payments offers flexible, personalized repayment timelines, so the only question customers have to ask themselves is “How much do I want to start saving right away?”

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to discover how EnPowered Payments can help you unlock stalled projects, cut emissions, save money, and help the planet.

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Tomas van Stee

CEO & Founder

Tomas independently grew the company to its initial product market fit with $500k in revenue, and is now leading our rapidly growing team. He spends much of his time overseeing strategy and operations at EnPowered as we navigate many complex and heavily regulated markets. He graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.