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We help you close

Through our diverse funder portfolio and unique financing options, we find the right solution to close your deal.

Eliminate process frustration

Our Account Executives are always available and dedicated to helping you navigate clean energy financing processes successfully.

Integrated financing

Want to stand out in the market? Our tools enable you to seamlessly integrate a financing option into all your proposals.

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Let’s talk about leveling up your sales offers with financing options built to close deals.

Our funder portfolio gets it right the first time

Our vast network of funders offers a range of services and works with many types of energy efficiency and clean energy projects. This means your customers worry less about finding financing and you eliminate the funding roadblock to closing deals.

Supporting a range of projects

Our financing options are built for energy efficiency and clean energy generation projects, ranging from USD $25,000 to $15 million.

Our Financing Accelerator

EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator is an online platform tailored for the world of clean energy. Here, clean energy contractors gain access to financing tools, enabling the creation, modification, & efficient distribution of financing proposals to customers. Read more here.

Contractor FAQs

What kind of financing do you offer?

We offer a range of financing options to suit the diverse needs of your clients. Our financing solutions include traditional loans, operating and capital leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and energy service agreements (ESAs). These options provide flexibility in financing clean energy projects, whether your customers prefer to own the system outright, lease it, or enter into a long-term agreement for the purchase of clean energy. We will work closely with you to determine the most suitable financing option based on your customers requirements.

What’s the interest rate of your financing?

The interest rate of our financing varies depending on factors such as the client’s specific needs, the type of financing being utilized, and the credit of the customer. We work closely with our partners and their customers to understand their unique circumstances and tailor financing solutions accordingly. By assessing these variables, our funder network can determine an appropriate interest rate that aligns with market conditions and ensures a mutually beneficial arrangement. Our goal is to provide competitive rates that support our clients’ clean energy projects.

How does on-bill repayment work?

On-bill repayment is a convenient and streamlined payment method for clean energy solutions financed through EnPowered. With the customer’s consent, EnPowered places the charges for the energy solutions directly onto the customer’s existing electricity bill. This approach allows the charges to appear alongside the customer’s normal fees, providing them with a comprehensive view of their energy consumption, costs, and savings in one consolidated bill.