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With EnPowered, large energy consumers leverage our Partner Finder to connect with clean technology providers and access the solutions and savings they need.

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No upfront costs

Get the clean energy solutions you need right away and start saving today.

On-bill repayment

Enjoy simple and convenient payments by using a portion of savings to fund your projects.

Transparent, proven savings

Track your project’s savings and its impact on your electricity bill.

Maximize revenue from peak programs

Leverage best-in-class peak prediction algorithms to capture the most savings.

Start saving.

Take an in-depth look at the savings potential you’ll unlock with EnPowered’s solutions.

Avoiding funding barriers hasn’t been easier.

You want to become more energy efficient, but are held back by budget issues. Sound familiar? Access an innovative repayment option with no upfront costs, and start your energy journey today.

Two ways to save. One efficient solution.

Large energy consumers who use EnPowered Payments and Programs in tandem get more value out of their clean energy solutions.

EnPowered helps large consumers save up to $375,000 per megawatt (MW), per year.


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EnPowered helps Ensyn Technologies cut their costs in half

Learn how EnPowered helped a large energy consumer take control over their energy savings.

Ensyn Technologies wanted to reduce electricity costs and increase production. As an Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) participant, Ensyn scheduled frequent shutdowns to hit peak hours and reduce costs. Despite significant production losses, their own efforts to save showed minimal returns.

By partnering with EnPowered and using its industry-leading peak predictions, Ensyn cut shutdown time from eight hours to three, and achieved a 50 percent reduction in energy costs.

Why EnPowered?

Learn more about how EnPowered helps large energy consumers.

What markets and utilities does EnPowered support?

EnPowered Payments is supported by most major utilities in the following markets: Ontario, New York, Texas, and Ohio. EnPowered works with over 40 utilities, and continues to expand its partnerships. Please get in touch with us to inquire about a specific utility.

What types of projects can I use on-bill repayment for?

You can add any project that is energy-related to your bill. This could include hardware (HVAC, IoT, battery, lighting, etc.), software (some sort of energy management system, etc.), or a service (consulting, utility bill audit, etc.).

How much additional savings could I get?

Leveraging Programs, you could save up to 70 percent in annual electricity costs. Using EnPowered Payments to purchase new energy assets ensures you receive the maximum benefit from Programs.

The exact savings will vary from market to market; for example, in Ontario, you can receive over $375,000 per megawatt (MW), per year. For more details about your potential savings, contact the EnPowered team.