EnPowered Launches AI-Powered Tool to Connect Clean Energy Professionals with Best-Fit Funding Partners

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Financing Accelerator now includes Apply, ensuring faster documentation turnaround and streamlining processes for commercial financing applications

Waterloo, ON – March 25, 2024—EnPowered, a leader in providing access to financing for commercial clean energy hardware projects, today launched Apply, which makes it easier for clean energy professionals to manage complex, often cumbersome documentation requirements between customers and funders. As part of the EASE financing process—Estimate, Apply, Sign, Execute–within the Financing Accelerator platform, Apply brings powerful AI capabilities to offload manual, time-intensive tasks and unify the fragmented funding process.   


“The biggest challenge clean energy professionals face when initiating financing is ensuring their customers meet the strict documentation requirements and timelines mandated by funders,” said Mike Kirkup, CTO at EnPowered. “Financing Accelerator’s Apply replaces time-consuming manual checks and follow-ups with automated, AI-powered capabilities to reduce process frustration and improve the chances of signing a best-fit funding partner.”


Unifying the financing process between clean energy professionals, customers, and funders

Launched in August 2023, Financing Accelerator provides clean energy professionals with tools that simplify and streamline access to EnPowered’s network of commercial clean energy funders.  Building on the Estimate tool, which lets contractors create instant financing estimates at the point of sales, Apply helps with the complex interactions and document management required between contractors, customers, and funders. Clean energy professionals rely on EnPowered’s innovative technology to guide customers through the financing application process, ensuring all required documents are vetted and submitted. 


This launch further integrates our clean energy funder network into Financing Accelerator,” says Tomas van Stee, CEO of EnPowered. “Enabling our partners to seamlessly estimate and initiate financing from one easy-to-access platform.


This latest expansion of Financing Accelerator brings commercial clean energy financing to the fingertips of clean energy professionals, permanently raising the bar for offering commercial financing at the point of sale.

About EnPowered

EnPowered is a cleantech company accelerating the adoption of clean energy hardware solutions. The company’s platform provides streamlined access to commercial financing to accelerate the acquisition of clean energy hardware solutions by businesses. EnPowered also predicts spikes in electricity prices, prompting assets to shift usage to save money and decrease emissions. Learn more at enpowered.com.

Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, Canada, EnPowered is continually expanding its North American partner network of energy solution providers.


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Stefan Celeski, Director of Marketing


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