Using Local Law 97 to Close More Projects

Oct 18, 2022
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Using Local Law 97 to Close More Projects

Calendar Aug 17, 2022
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Using Local Law 97 to close more projects

The City of New York is known for its dynamic, exciting skylines, but those buildings are a major source of emissions. With Local Law 97, the city is introducing emission limits to organizations responsible for their building emissions. As a solution provider, you have a valuable role in helping buildings comply.

Join our fireside chat with EnPowered’s James Roth and Renew Energy Partners’ Mike Savage to discuss Local Law 97, and how your solutions can help businesses managers meet these new standards.

You’ll learn about:

  • What Local Law 97 means for your customers.
  • What happens if a business’ emissions exceed the limits outlined by the law. 
  • How you will help businesses meet the standard.
  • …And more!

Don’t miss this chance to help your customers build an energy efficiency program that meets the Local Law 97 standard and saves on energy costs.

This is a past event. Access the recording.

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