Financing Accelerator

Making commercial clean energy financing easy

Financing Accelerator is an online platform tailored to the world of clean energy. It uses financial models built for clean energy projects and AI-powered workflows designed to streamline applications.

These tools improve the contractor-customer-funder experience and ensure a transparent, efficient sales process.


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Financing without frustration

Financing Accelerator facilitates access to a large network of clean energy funders, streamlines credit applications, manages documentation, and generates instant funding solutions that meet your customers’ clean energy financing needs.

Financing Accelerator tools


Easy creation and customization of realistic financing proposals.


Streamlined credit application process with less back and forth.

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The power to customize, calculate, and instantly present financing proposals to customers.

To improve the experience of understanding and communicating complex financial information, all proposals automatically adjust to project characteristics, customer data changes, and incentives and can be viewed and exported to multiple formats.


AI-powered document management tools make managing complex, often cumbersome documentation requirements between customers and funders easier.

Clear and consistent communications between contractors, customers, and funders – including real-time checks and automated reminders – raise everyone’s confidence that a realistic financing solution will be delivered

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