On-bill repayment

Harness the power of your existing utility billĀ 

EnPowered brings your hidden budget to light. By paying down the cost of energy projects through the monthly savings on your utility bill, you repay faster in a convenient way. No new budget required.

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Simple, convenient savings

Easier access

On-bill lets you quickly implement an energy efficiency project, reducing your monthly energy bill without delay.

Reduced overhead

Paying through your existing bill makes on-bill easy and convenient.

Improved cash flow

Spread project costs over time and recoup faster through ongoing energy savings.

Better control

On-bill visibility and savings statements bring greater control over your energy projects.

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How it works

Through partnerships with energy retailers and integration with over 50 utilities, our on-bill services consolidate repayment charges onto your existing utility bill. This streamlines the payment process and ensures a convenient, hassle-free experience for your next clean energy project.

Protect your budget

With on-bill, your energy savings are sufficient to balance out the project costs and cover payback fees, making the new utility bill equal to or less than the previous charges.

More control, less cost

On-bill eliminates the administrative costs associated with clean energy acquisitions, as the financial obligation is tied directly to your utility bill.

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