Apply: A new way for clean energy contractors to manage customer-funder relationships

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We launched Financing Accelerator last year to empower clean energy contractors with instant financing proposals to eliminate the complexity and chaos of every customer-funder transaction.

Now, we’re building on that commitment to improve our EASE financing process—Estimate, Apply, Sign, Execute—with the ability to kickstart financing applications directly from Financing Accelerator. With our new Apply tool and updates to Estimate, we’re giving clean energy professionals the power of AI and customer-centric flexibility to simplify commercial financing further.

Apply: Never worry about managing financing applications again


Introducing our latest tool, Apply, designed to streamline the process of applying for commercial financing for clean energy hardware projects. Clean energy professionals now have the ability to invite prospects to apply for financing, and collect and validate submitted documents within the EnPowered platform.


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Key features:

  • AI document verification: EnPowered’s AI technology checks uploaded documents in real-time and requests additional documents if necessary.
  • Share financing application tasks with your prospects: Empower your prospects by inviting them to fill out the application and upload the necessary financial documents.
  • Automated reminders: Financing Accelerator sends timely reminders to your prospects, ensuring that the application remains a top priority.
  • In-tool assistance: Reduce frustration and unnecessary follow-ups with built-in help resources.
  • Inviting contributors: Prospects can invite contributors to assist with the financing application.


Our new Apply tool streamlines the often complex interactions and document management required between clean energy professionals, prospects, and funders. Clean energy professionals can rely on Apply to guide prospects through the financing application process, ensuring that all required documents are vetted and submitted promptly.

Estimate: Create stronger financing estimates


Responding to user feedback and in our continuous effort to empower clean energy professionals with more control over their financing estimates, we are launching our new Configurable Project Incentives module.



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Key features

  • Users can add specific incentives to their estimates.
  • Each incentive can be designated for inclusion in the month 12 lump sum payment.
  • Incentives are displayed in the exportable financing estimate. 


  • Configurable Project Incentives allow clean energy professionals to create more accurate financing estimates for their hardware projects. By adding specific incentives, users can ensure their financing estimates align closely with project needs, creating stronger proposals and closing more deals. 

Other updates: 

Dynamic interest rates

  • Default interest rates for project estimates are now dynamically set based on the prospect’s organization type.

Project list organization

  • Users can now archive projects and remove closed opportunities to ensure their projects list only contains active opportunities.

These updates are now available to all EnPowered users. To see how the EnPowered platform can help you close more clean energy deals, contact us to schedule a demo.

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