Advancing Clean Energy Financing with EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator

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EnPowered has always been at the forefront of supporting clean energy contractors, connecting them with financing options through our extensive network of funding partners. Today, we’re excited to introduce a game-changing advancement that builds on our financing offering—EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator, a solution that empowers clean energy contractors to provide instant financing proposals to their customers without the complexity that usually comes with it.

Elevating Clean Energy Financing for Commercial Projects

Clean energy contractors, the driving force behind the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, often face challenges when it comes to seamlessly integrating financing into their projects. The complexities involved can make offering financing a daunting task, leading contractors to shy away from this crucial aspect of clean energy projects, leaving customers to deal with banks independently. This can lead to prolonged timelines and a less than optimal experience for the customers. With EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator, we’re removing these obstacles, enabling contractors to offer immediate financing proposals right on the spot, bypassing the complexities that have hindered this process and seamlessly integrating financing into the clean energy sales process.

Say Hello to Financing Accelerator

EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator is an online platform tailored for the world of clean energy. Here, contractors gain access to financing tools, enabling the creation, modification, and efficient distribution of financing proposals to customers. With the Financing Accelerator, the complexities of offering robust financing proposals become a thing of the past, making it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate financing into the clean energy sales process. Instant financing proposals that align perfectly with customers’ needs are at your fingertips.

At the core of EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator lies a suite of powerful features designed to simplify clean energy financing for contractors and revolutionize the way financing is seamlessly integrated into the clean energy sales process: 

Customizable: Tailor financing proposals to individual customer demands, creating compelling and attractive solutions.

Real-time Iterations: Make instant adjustments to financing proposals as project details evolve, ensuring they’re always precise and optimal.

Flexible Export Functionality: Instantly view and export financing proposals in multiple formats, catering to various communication styles. 

Tailored to Clean Energy: The Financing Accelerator employs financial models specifically designed for clean energy projects ensuring you remain in control of the sales narrative. 

Smart Pre-Fill: No more repetitive data entry. The utility cost escalator, and other localized values, are automatically calculated, demonstrating our unique approach and ensuring accurate, location-specific financing proposals.

The Financing Accelerator is more than just a tool; it’s a solution that empowers contractors to provide instant financing proposals, tailor them to customers’ needs, and simplify the complex world of clean energy financing.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Clean Energy Financing

We invite you to explore the transformative power of EnPowered’s Financing Accelerator. As we launch this solution, we’re shaping the future of clean energy financing, making it an integral and seamless part of every clean energy project.

Together, we’re ensuring that sustainable energy solutions are accessible to all, and we’re excited to have you join us on this journey.

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Stefan Celeski

Director of Marketing

Stefan is a start-up enthusiast, with EnPowered being his third venture in the tech space. He enjoys bringing simple solutions to complex problems and helping businesses efficiently adopt new technology. He has a background in science commercialization and holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.