Enpowered debuts game changing solution to accelerate cleantech adoption

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EnPowered Payments allows energy solution providers to structure capital-intensive projects as operating expenses—with charges placed on customers’ existing electricity bills

WATERLOO, ON – October 14, 2021EnPowered, the on-bill payment platform for the energy industry, today announced the availability of EnPowered Payments, a platform which allows energy solution providers to reduce buying barriers by seamlessly charging for projects, products, and services directly on their customers’ existing electricity bills as an operating expense.

EnPowered Payments will unlock thousands of cleantech projects by enabling customers to bundle energy efficiency projects with their monthly electricity bill — allowing them to pay for these projects with savings instead of investing millions upfront. Hundreds of our partners install energy efficiency upgrades of all kinds, and these upgrades can save customers up to 70% on their monthly electricity bills, but they are often stalled due to complex approval processes and payback requirements. Our partners can now use EnPowered Payments to finance these projects directly through their customers’ electricity bills, using a portion of savings to gradually pay for the hardware upgrades as an operating expense.

“Our core mission is to accelerate the cleantech revolution by removing the friction in the energy industry,” said EnPowered’s Founder and CEO, Tomas van Stee. “Our existing product, EnPowered Programs, has helped customers save more than $184 million and reduce emissions by accessing complex energy markets. With EnPowered Payments, we’re making it possible for our partners to sell—and for their customers to buy—energy solutions using those savings.”

“Capital procurement and approval processes present major hurdles for our companies looking to advance cleantech adoption,” said Jay Barber, President & CEO, Southeast Capital & Finance LLC. “Even when risk is low and ROI is compelling, securing capital for energy projects can be difficult or impossible, with the result being that too many important energy projects never get started. Transforming large-scale purchases into operating expenses vastly expands the market of potential buyers for cleantech solutions, and we’re pleased to provide that financing.”

“We take pride in helping customers save money and reduce emissions,” said Howard Lu, Director of Business Development, Ainsworth Inc. “When structured properly, the monthly cost of our projects is less than the savings our customers earn, by bundling these charges on our customer’s existing electricity bill we are able to offer a seamless solution. Our customers benefit from savings starting on Day 1 without the complexity of capital budget planning.”

For more information about how EnPowered Payments can help your organization enable more energy projects and accelerate the adoption of cleantech, contact us at info@enpowered.com.

About EnPowered

EnPowered is a pioneering cleantech company accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions in energy-intensive industries. The company’s platform provides convenient on-bill payment to enable the acquisition of energy solutions. The platform also predicts spikes in electricity prices, prompting assets to shift usage to save money and decrease emissions. Additionally, EnPowered is building the Virtual Energy Movement, an ecosystem of like-minded companies that focus on the adoption of flexible energy assets to help the grid shift to renewables. Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, Canada, EnPowered is continually expanding its North American partner network of energy solution providers.

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