Release Updates – October 2023

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We’re excited to introduce the October updates for Financing Accelerator. Your feedback and support continue to motivate us as we strive to make commercial clean energy financing easily accessible to all.

If you haven’t had the chance to use Financing Accelerator or need a refresher, you can watch a demo video here

Connecting Financing Accelerator with Our Funder Network

EnPowered has access to one of the largest funder networks in the clean energy sector, offering clean energy contractors access to over 40 funders across North America. Our dedicated funder operations team works diligently behind the scenes to simplify and streamline the funding application process, ensuring you gain access to the various financing options without the usual hassles.

In September, we took another significant step toward simplifying your access to this funder network by introducing a new feature in Financing Accelerator called Proposal Pro.

The Benefits of Proposal Pro

Proposal Pro is designed to assist you in creating financing proposals that are appealing to potential customers and align with the offering of EnPowered’s funder network. More specifically, it simplifies the process of crafting cash flow-positive financing proposals with terms that match our funder network offerings.

While not following Proposal Pro’s guidelines won’t necessarily prevent you from securing financing, it could mean longer processing times and less favorable terms.

How to Access Proposal Pro

Proposal Pro comes pre-enabled and can be found in the Project Details view.

While crafting your financing proposal, Proposal Pro offers helpful prompts that appear at the top of the screen as you input the necessary information. These prompts will guide you to create compelling financing proposals that are cash flow positive and fundable by the EnPowered funder network.

For a demo of Proposal Pro, you can watch a brief video here.

Other Improvements Released in September

  • Commercial Depreciation Savings: Users can now easily include savings related to commercial depreciation with a simple click.
  • Tax-Exempt Clients: Users can now label clients as ‘tax-exempt,’ simplifying the process of creating proposals for such entities.

Bug Fixes & Small Improvements

  • We now display “Time until break-even” instead of a negative monthly net cost in the collateral proposal for cash flow-negative scenarios.
  • Term and break-even values have been updated to display in years and months, providing greater clarity.
  • We’ve enhanced the visibility of the proposal download button, making it the primary call to action.
  • The naming of download files has been improved for easier identification within your computer files.
  • Annual utility costs now adjust according to user input on the graph within the collateral proposal, providing a more accurate reflection of energy offsets.
  • Project cost information has been added to the project details section in the proposal collateral.

We’re always eager to hear from you and value your feedback. If you have any suggestions, questions, or insights, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you on your clean energy financing journey.

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Stefan Celeski

Director of Marketing

Stefan is a start-up enthusiast, with EnPowered being his third venture in the tech space. He enjoys bringing simple solutions to complex problems and helping businesses efficiently adopt new technology. He has a background in science commercialization and holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.