LED lighting

Get your LED energy advantage now – zero upfront cost & day one net savings

EnPowered brings your hidden budget to light by overcoming the financial obstacles to new, energy-efficient LED lighting systems. With up to 80% less energy consumption than traditional lighting, the shift to LED brings immediate savings to your electricity bill, less carbon footprint, and fewer maintenance headaches.

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Why switch to LED?

Up to 80% less energy use

High energy efficiency leads to direct financial savings: as energy usage drops, so does your electricity bill.

Up to 11 years without replacement

Long lifespans mean reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Low heat emissions

LEDs emit almost no heat, and most of the emitted light is within the visible, usable spectrum.

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No upfront cost, net savings from day one

EnPowered makes it easy to acquire new LED lighting systems through flexible financing options that start energy bill savings immediately. From day one, these savings cover the project costs and, in many cases, create a new source of positive cash flow.

Flexible financing options

You don’t need to be a finance expert to get your LED project financed. We work with you to find the right financing solution that balances cost and risk across acquisition, installation, operations, and maintenance.

Pay with savings

On-bill repayment pays for your LED project costs directly from your existing electricity bill with no new administrative costs or labor effort.

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