Is there a relationship between EnPowered Payments and EnPowered Programs?

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EnPowered Payments and EnPowered Programs are distinct offerings, but they work together to enable the energy revolution.

EnPowered Programs identifies when electricity is going to be expensive and makes those insights available through a simple API, allowing customers (typically commercial-scale energy consumers) to make informed usage decisions that lower energy costs and decrease emissions. Often, the pricing insights are used to optimize the management of energy systems (e.g., HVAC, lighting, etc.) and technologies (e.g., generators, batteries, etc.), which are typically purchased from energy solution providers or acquired and managed independently by the customer.

EnPowered Payments enables the customer to purchase these solutions and make these investments as operational expenses that are bundled on their existing energy bill—provided that the customer purchases the solution from an EnPowered Payments partner (i.e., an energy solution provider who uses EnPowered Payments).

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