What benefits does EnPowered Payments provide for us?

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There are a number of benefits for energy solution providers:

  • A differentiated (and increased) value proposition: offering an on-bill, operationalized purchase option for practically any energy solution allows you to stand out in a competitive market, enhances your brand, and allows you to better serve your customers
  • Reduced purchase/buying barriers: Turning clean energy projects into an operational expense helps customers get started today, without the internal approvals and other hurdles associated with capital expenses; piggybacking on their existing energy bills increases transparency and makes it easier for your customers to understand their energy costs, which builds trust and decreases perceived project risks.
  • Simplified operations: leveraging the established billing relationship between your customers and their energy providers decreases the administrative burdens associated with invoicing and streamlines other financial operations.

For more information, view our EnPowered Payments overview.

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