Why did you build EnPowered Payments?

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Many important energy management projects never get started because the initial capital requirement is too high—even when the return on investment is assured and performance-based contracting derisks the investment.

At the same time, proposals from different providers are often very similar—because they’re all offering essentially the same solution—with the primary differences being the technical specifications of the individual products and components.

Finally, it can be very complicated and burdensome for buyers of energy management solutions to reconcile all of their bills and measure the impact of their investments, making it difficult for them to calculate ROI. This extra overhead creates friction and may call into question the effectiveness of energy projects.

All of these problems are limiting the adoption of cleantech and other energy management solutions which are so essential to reducing emissions and saving resources (financial and natural). At EnPowered, our mission is to enable the cleantech revolution, so we built a solution.

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