What are the notifications for Demand Response programs?

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The Demand Response notification system utilizes email and text message notifications. Email and text notifications will be sent directly to all users, depending on their individual user notification settings (see Enabling Notifications for more info on setting user notifications).


On the day of the potential Demand Response event, EnPowered will send three notifications: a morning (standby), midday (pre-activation), and an ‘all-clear’ notification:


  1. A standby notification is sent either day ahead or by 8:00 a.m. the day of the potential event day. A standby does not mean an event is imminent, it is simply warning that an event could potentially occur.
  2. In the event of an activation, we will send a notification 2.5 hours before the curtailment window with more details.
  3. An all-clear notification confirming the event completion will be sent when you can continue using electricity as usual.


It is important to note that notification timelines can vary depending on changing demand response event forecasts. EnPowered tries to follow the notification timeline listed above, but throughout the season, event timelines are subject to change. In these cases, EnPowered will do its best to notify you as soon as we have enough information to give an accurate forecast of the potential demand response event.


Lastly, when a demand response activation is unlikely to happen, due to a very low level of potential, a morning standby notification will still be sent. If that potential continues to remain low, no following notifications will be sent out.

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